NTU in AZ with Senator Flake: Time for the Senate to Talk Tax Reform

Coming off the heels of Thursday’s historic House vote that passed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” National Taxpayers Union (NTU) President Pete Sepp joined Senator Jeff Flake (AZ-R) in his home state of Arizona to talk with 100 employees of GECO aerospace technologies in Mesa about the overwhelming benefit of passing the comprehensive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017.

The Senator and Mr. Sepp emphasized the importance of capitalizing on yesterday’s House vote and using this momentum to pass similar reform in the Senate, sending a comprehensive bill to President Trump by the years end.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Sepp stated:

“Standing around means falling further behind…the House of Representatives’ tax reform plan is one way to start. The Senate is working on its own plan as we speak. What do they have in common? Both would cut tax rates for middle class families…both are expected to return our economic growth to historical levels…both would create upwards of 900,000 jobs…”

Senator Flake promised to bring reform as well, noting early Friday morning:

 “As we lower the rate – which we need to do to be competitive we have to broaden the base, and there will be some dislocations and different ways that this package effects people but, by in large this will provide a big tax cut for C-corps or corporations, from 35 to 20, we have to do that simply to be competitive globally.”

 NTU along with Stop the Tax Attack are working with Congress to make sure the commitment to passing reform in 2017 becomes a reality. Comprehensive tax reform will create a simpler and fairer tax code, a system that stimulates America’s small-business community and closes loopholes, making the United States a more competitive place for companies, bringing more money and jobs back home.

Reform of this magnitude is no easy task, but if Congress can continue with this momentum, then the American people are on track to see sweeping benefits come tax season 2018.