Why America Needs Tax Reform

President Trump has wisely pivoted to tax reform. Success would boost economic growth toward 3% a year, and millions of Americans would see their incomes rise. But discussion of reform’s growth benefits is getting short shrift relative to critics who fail to grasp economic changes.

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Trump’s Tax Proposal: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Re “Sweeping Trump Tax Plan Vague on Details and Cost” (front page, Sept. 28): Low corporate tax rates might seem like a good thing for America’s economy, but too much of a good thing typically carries with it unintended consequences. For example, the last round of Canadian corporate tax reductions (from 22.1 percent to 15 percent) removed in excess of $12 billion yearly from federal tax revenues, materially adding to yearly deficits and overall debt.

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The Fate of Trump’s Tax Cut Rests With These Six Senators

President Donald Trump and Republican leaders unveiled a nine-page framework to rewrite the nation’s tax code this week to rave reviews from within their party. But now the hard part starts — with the tax-writing committees in the House and Senate tasked with settling some of the most divisive issues.

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