NTU Hosts Preview Call for Tax Reform

In preparation of the announcement of new details for the GOP Leadership’s Tax Reform plan today, NTU hosted a media call to discuss how best we, as a country, can move forward on this important legislative issue. Pete Sepp, NTU President, Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold, and Senior Fellow Mattie Duppler all participated in the discussion.

Each of their opening remarks went through different aspects of what we should expect from the new tax plan. All of them expressed great optimism, and there is agreement on the most contentious of tax reform issues, like lowering the top marginal rate to something manageable around 20%, a substantial increase in the standard deduction rate, and widespread support for tax reform. In fact, according to Duppler, 73% of voters believe tax reform should be the number one priority for Congress moving forward.

The call provided a breadth of great information on the benefits of comprehensive tax reform, and was a great preview for the announcement of more details to come. Washington is on track to revamp our tax code, getting it back to promoting growth, benefiting the middle class, and helping the American economy grow.